pgmemcache vs Infinite Cache
Published on Wed, Aug 10, 2011

In my recent post on pgmemcache, there were couple of questions asked which were really interesting and made me to work on it. I should thank for it :) Questions: Is pgmemcache application transparent ? Is there any synchronization between memcached and PostgreSQL Shared buffers ? Answer: pgmemcache(memcached) is not application transparent, you need to do changes in the application for pushing or retreiving the data from the cache. Continue reading →

pgmemcache Setup and Usage
Published on Sun, Jul 24, 2011

Preloading or Caching the table in PostgreSQL is a tough task, because PostgreSQL doesnt offer a Single big synchronize-level memory managment. All the memories are independent. Caching is possible with the third party tools like memcached. pgmemcache is a set of PostgreSQL user-defined functions(API’s) that provide an interface to memcached. pgmemcache, pre-requisites recommends to have libmemcached, however its also recommended to install memcached along with it. My presentation consist of installation/caching/monitoring using pgmemcache API’s. Continue reading →

PostgreSQL Upgradation
Published on Wed, Jun 15, 2011

Its always a challenging task when moving from one version to another version on new Server. My presentation below is to upgrade the Old version of PostgreSQL 8.3 to PostgreSQL 9.0.4 on NEW SERVER. Basically, steps are very simple for upgradation, but need to take some extra care when bouncing the new server before and after restoration. Latest PostgreSQL, has lot of fixes in it, so it is recommended to use the new binaries for entire upgradation process. Continue reading →

PostgreSQL 9.0 Streaming Replication on Windows
Published on Mon, May 30, 2011

A major milestone in PostgreSQL 9.0 is Streaming Replication(including DDL). Many of you all used configuring SR on Linux, but I would be presenting SR on Windows Platform. PostgreSQL wiki is the best guide for setting up the Streaming Replication. For setting up SR on Windows, I would recommend to follow the PostgreSQL wiki steps with minor changes what needed for Windows Platform. I would like to show only the changes what you have to look for on Windows Platform in my blog. Continue reading →

PostgreSQL 9.0 Backup & Recovery
Published on Mon, May 2, 2011

In PostgreSQL, Backup & Recovery are very user friendly comparing with other database. Many of them won’t agree to this, ok lets not get into debate. Coming to Backups, PostgreSQL does’nt support INCREMENTAL BACKUP, however there are very consistant backup tools and OS level work-around to achieve this goal. My pictorial presentation on PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery gives a complete conceptial idea. Looking into Diagram you can make out which backups can be used to restore or recover. Continue reading →