Raghavendra Rao

Managing Consultant, Solution Architecture, Speaker, Trainer

I’m Raghavendra Rao(Raghav). I am a database guy. I work as Managing Consultant/Solution Architect in Enterprise-class Product company. I have started my career as Oracle DBA in 2000 and in the year 2009 I have chosen open source database PostgreSQL as my primary database. Since then, I have shared my knowledge(still continuing) by blogging on raghavt.blogspot.com. Am a big PostgreSQL community follower and good learning from them(Bruce, Robert Haas & many others). Today, I have two websites to publish articles.

  • www.raghavt.blog - A dedicated site to publish articles ONLY on open source PostgreSQL database and other supporting tools.
  • www.raghavt.com - Only reason to have this site, to separate commercial stuff from open source/community. Articles on this site are on various open source-based(Postgres) DBMS bundled with enterprise-ready tools to operate PostgreSQL at scale. These products comes with some cost & licensing/support.

My passion towards the databases made me to work with different databases Oracle(7.x- 12c), PostgreSQL (8.x – 11.x), SQL Server, MySQL & DB2. Having different databases experiences, today in my professional career I am helping customers to migrate their proprietary databases to Community PostgreSQL/EDB Postgres database. I have also, developed a proprietary based Database Migration Assessment Tool(DMAT) in Python with a built-in parser to give migration(efforts/days) estimates.

Its a platform to share my databases experience. You can copy and share the content from this site as per the license terms and conditions.

My posts on this site are heavily inspired by different people I have come across in my Professional career and other bloggers.

  • MS in Computer Information Systems(Harvard University)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (9i-11g)
  • Sun Java Certified
  • EDB PostgreSQL Certified Professional (9.x)
  • EDB Certified Training Instructor

You can always contact me on ragavendra.dba@gmail.com to say “Hello Raghav” or to leave any comments / suggestions.