Raghavendra Rao

Solution Architecture, Migration Expert, Speaker, Trainer

Raghavendra Rao (or simply “Raghav”). I work with databases. I am employed at an enterprise-class product firm as a Solution Architect/Migration Expert. In 2000, I began my work as an Oracle DBA, then in 2009, I switched to using the free and open-source PostgreSQL database as my main database. Since then, I have been blogging on raghavt.blogspot.com. I follow a lot of the PostgreSQL community, including Bruce, Robert Haas & many others, and I learn a lot from them. I currrently share my knowledge on two websites.

  • www.raghavt.blog - A website specifically created to post content ONLY on the free and open-source PostgreSQL database and related tools.
  • www.raghavt.com - The sole purpose of this website is to distinguish between open source and commercial content. The articles on this website cover a variety of PostgreSQL-based open source DBMSs that are packaged with scalable enterprise solutions. These products have a price and require license and support.

My passion for databases led me to work with a variety of databases, including Oracle (7.x–21c), PostgreSQL (8.x–15.x), SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2. I presently help customers solve their business challenges with a specific solution by bridging the gap between a business problem and the technical solution of each phase and the requirements necessary to make it function. Second, as part of my professional work, I am transferring their proprietary databases to the Community PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres database. In order to estimate (efforts/days) migration exercise , I also developed the Python-based proprietary Database Migration Assessment Tool (DMAT).

I may share my experience with databases on this platform. According to the terms and conditions of the license, you may reproduce and distribute the content from this website.

My blog entries on this site draw a lot of inspiration from other bloggers and various people I’ve met over my professional career.

  • MS in Computer Information Systems(Harvard University)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (9i-11g)
  • Sun Java Certified
  • EDB PostgreSQL Certified Professional (9.x)
  • EDB Certified Training Instructor

To say “Hello Raghav” or to offer any feedback or comments, you can reach me at ragavendra.dba@gmail.com.