Oracle to Postgres Schema Migration Hustle

My recent EnterpiseDB webinar discussing schema incompatibility hurdles when migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL and how to overcome them. Find the recording at the below link. Date: February 5,2020 Topic: Oracle to Postgres Schema Migration Hustle –Raghav

3 Node Multi-Master Replication with EDB Postgres Replication Server 7.BETA

Please Note: The steps described in this article today(04/28/2019) refers to EDB Postgres Replication Server 7.x BETA. Expect some of the steps may change in GA or future releases. Recommended to refer to latest documentation here Watch steps-covering video: Most of us know EnterpriseDB has a software package for cross database Multi-Master Replication(MMR) or Single-Master Replication(SMR) servers that supports an asynchronous replication system to replicate data to EDB Postgres Advanced Server(EPAS) and PostgreSQL.

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